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Alpine has distribution hubs in every major City Centre in South Africa.

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Can you Boil an egg with Alpine Cement?

The answer is yes because it has a greater "Exothermic Reaction". Heat is generated during the Reaction. The Temperature can rise to over 100 degrees c.


Mix Alpine 42.5R or 52.5N cement into a paste using Water and pour it into a Kentucky Bucket. Take a Raw egg, wrap it in a tissue paper and push it into this cement paste. Take a Thermometer, wrap the bottom part with a tissue paper and place it into the cement paste. Place the lid and wrap it with Plastic. Monitor the Temperature and it will rise over 100 degree C. Remove the plastic and remove the egg by using a hammer and chisel. You will have a cooked egg. You can sprinkle salt and eat it. This tells you how good  Alpine Cement is. You need the heat for the Reaction to increase the Early Strength of the Concrete. Please try it for yourself and you will know that Alpine Cement is thee Best.

Article by Sunny Govender

Date: 23.09.2021